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State Capitol

Be Prepared To Take Action As Budget Negotiations Come To A Head

Negotiations continue over the details of a budget compromise announced a few weeks ago. The State House approved a Liquor Privatization bill that is virtually identical to the bill vetoed by Governor Wolf in June. It is expected that this bill – House Bill 1690 – will be used to privatize liquor as part of the budget negotiations. Read More
Attacks On Pensions

Senate Bill 1 Passes House – Promises To Gut Pensions And Cost Taxpayers

The push for so-called pension reform has been a red herring for conservative lawmakers for years.  By deliberately sabotaging the system through under-funding, and then misrepresenting to the public the dire state of the resulting unfunded liabilities, the right wing has been able to convince many people that the problem is with pensions.   Read More

Urgent Action! State Legislature Spends Final Days Of June Playing Politics And Attacking Workers

With Pennsylvania’s State Budget deadline looming, the Legislature has opted to spend these final days playing politics and reviving old discredited attacks on workers instead of working to pass a real budget plan. The GOP budget, passed by the State House on Saturday, is a mirror image of failed budgets passed under Governor Corbett.   Read More