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Union-Made Munchies: Super Bowl LIII

On Sunday, February 3, the Los Angeles Rams will take on the New England Patriots in the 53rd Super Bowl.  Many of us will gather with our friends and family as we yell at the television.   This Sunday, regardless of whichever team you hoped would make it to the big game, remember Football is always better with union made beer and snacks.  Union Made Beer Miller High Life Miller Lite Milwaukee’s Best Budweiser Bud Light Michelob Shock Top Busch Rolling Rock Find More Here Union Made Snacks Act II Popcorn Andy Boy Fruits and Vegetables Bagel Bites Chex Mix Doritos Fig Newtons Keebler Cookies Lay’s Potato Chips Orville Redenbacher Popcorn Ritz Crackers Rold Gold Pretzels Ruffles Tostitos Triscuit Wheat Thins Read More

The Fierce Urgency of NOW – Applying Rev. Dr. MLK

“The Fierce Urgency of Now” has been the theme of the AFL-CIO’s 2019 Martin Luther King Conference.  On this Monday in January, we celebrate and remember the life and legacy of Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  Today in our country we face extraordinary circumstances, where so much political rhetoric strive to drive division between workers along the lines of demography; separating black workers from white workers, immigrants from citizens, and women from men. Read More