Pennsylvania AFL-CIO Calls For Workers First Approach to Reopening Businesses

(Harrisburg, PA)  Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf held a press conference today at 2:00PM to announce his plan for reopening Pennsylvania’s businesses.  The state legislature had made moves this week to reopen businesses without any accountability measures to protect worker safety on the job.  We applaud the Governor for his commitment to a responsible, data-driven approach to addressing Pennsylvania’s public health and economic well-being.

“We wholeheartedly support the expansion of unemployment insurance and workers compensation, paid sick leave, healthcare access that doesn’t bankrupt working people, reemployment protections, and childcare support for working families. Unscrupulous employers must be held accountable.  The health and safety of workers, especially those on the frontlines, must come first, not the ‘bottom line’,” said President Rick Bloomingdale.  

“Many of these essential workers find themselves without sick leave, paid or otherwise, without adequate healthcare.  Essential workers must be respected for the work they do to keep society together.  We must raise the wage for our essential workers on the frontlines of this crisis,” said President Rick Bloomingdale.  

“Before we reopen we need to address the key concerns of workers.  Given the dire economic situation we find ourselves in, working people need to be recognized for their fortitude, often dangerous conditions, and their rights must be respected and protected.  Before we make decisions on our economy, we need to protect public health and follow the science.  We need widespread testing to ensure the safety of workplaces and public spaces before we make decisions to reopen our economy.  We need to get this right the first time,” added Secretary-Treasurer Frank Snyder.