Union Members Are Serving Solidarity Across the Commonwealth

There are stories across Pennsylvania of workers helping workers. This is the definition of solidarity. Central Labor Councils are stepping up and distributing food to those in need and to workers on the front lines.  

ATU Local 1241 members at the Red Rose Transit Authority are distributing masks to members and their riders.

The Greater Scranton CLC have delivered food to union members at the Wayne County prison. They plan to keep distributing to food to essential workplaces every Wednesday.

Allegheny-Fayette CLC President Darrin Kelly, union members and our own Secretary-Treasurer Frank Snyder came out today to distribute food to those in need. More than 1000 cars were served and 200 families in need at a local apartment complex.  This is the kind of solidarity that Labor Unions are founded on.

These are by no means the only stories of solidarity across the Commonwealth. Please tell us yours. We want to celebrate people coming together in this time of trouble. This is Solidarity in Action!