During National Nurses Week, Unions Launch #NursePlatform

SEIU Healthcare PA along with Nurses of PA launched their plan this week to protect Nurses and Healthcare Workers throughout the COVID19 crisis.

Now is the time to stand with nurses to demand that nurses have a say in the decisions being made about our patients and profession in Pennsylvania’s recovery plan. We need decision-makers to work with us to implement our #NursePlatform: The Nurse Plan for Pennsylvania’s Recovery.

“In this moment, being a nurse means guiding the PA recovery plan. We’re trained to advocate for our patients and residents and for the health of our communities. If you come to our facility, we want you — and us — to be safe and get well. But we’d prefer not to see you in our ICU’s. That’s why, as the Commonwealth turns from flattening the curve to organizing life with COVID-19 and no reliable vaccine, nurses’ experience, knowledge, and courage should guide every aspect of planning.

“Nurses support a safe recovery, which must be guided by healthcare professionals on the frontlines of the pandemic. Nurses want businesses and daycare centers re-opened. We want to schedule important elective surgeries, send our kids to school, and hug our friends and families. The sooner we can do these things safely, the better. But how and when we choose to do these things are literally matters of life and death, and we need to get it right.

“It’s time to put patient and public health advocacy above partisan politics. Pennsylvania’s legislators cannot continue to plan a pandemic recovery without nurses.”

Read the Full Plan Here

To mark the launch of the platform union healthcare workers came together virtually for a rally and press conference.

“COVID has shined a spotlight on the failures of our healthcare system, and what happens when corporations and politicians make health decisions without nurses’ input,” said Kathleen Halligan, a nurse who works in Western PA. “We won’t be silent. We will spend Nurses Week – and all weeks – sounding the alarm for a greater voice in these decisions. Lives are at stake.”

Check out their Virtual Rally for National Nurses Week!