Pennsylvania Unions Reject Trump’s Negligence and Failure to Lead

HARRISBURG, PA – President Donald J. Trump will gather at the Pittsburgh International Airport in Moon Township for a rally this evening.  The officers of the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO, representing more than 700,000 workers statewide, issued the following statements:

“We have been appalled by the gross negligence displayed by President Trump’s response to the crises our country faces because of his failed handling of COVID-19. As a country, we have lost more than 200,000 loved ones to the pandemic, yet the President refuses to take the actions necessary to protect those at risk and rebuild our economy.  Yet, one of the most respected jurists in the history of the Supreme Court, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, dies, and less than 24 hours later, he goes into warp speed to fill her seat, rebuking a precedent created by his cronies,” stated President Rick Bloomingdale. 

“The last few days have confirmed the worst fears of many and should signal a wake-up call for those not paying attention. This goes beyond negligence; this a power grab for the powerful while the rest of us get left behind. The HEROES Act has sat in the Senate since the beginning of the Summer, but the President and his party refuse to act on it or offer their own solution.  Why?  Because they are ill-equipped to serve.  Ramming through a tainted Supreme Court nominee is of more interest to his political bottom line than the lives and livelihoods of Pennsylvanians,” remarked Secretary-Treasurer Frank Snyder.