Community Services Sets Its Course for 2021

After three days of listening to state and national community services leaders, labor activists, and labor liaisons across Pennsylvania reviewed the material and identified priorities for 2021. Topics leaders decided to focus on mental health/ trauma, racial justice, workforce development/ workers economics. 

The most significant theme discussed is uniting all workers over set universal beliefs and, more importantly, how do we communicate with one another, especially those of us who have different political views. This topic was so important to members that an entire section of the 2021 Community Services Institute will be dedicated to this subject. 

Over the coming months, training/ town halls will be scheduled for labor activists to participate. With so many communities hurting from the COVID-19 pandemic, the PA-AFL CIO community services network is up for the task and providing relief to working families throughout the pandemic and recovery afterward.

The PA AFL-CIO is looking forward to coordinating with our Brothers and Sisters across the commonwealth on all the great community services activities across PA.