Celebrate Moms for Mothers’ Day & End the Maternal Pay Gap!

We always encourage everyone to buy union-made and Mothers’ Day is no different. Check out this list at UnionPlus.org.

Now, let’s address the real irony of Mothers’ Day coming just after May 5th, Mom’s Equal Pay Day. Yes, moms experience a larger wage gap than women without children; we financially penalize having children when we refuse to acknowledge that the labor of women is actually work.

Not only are moms deprived of promotions based on perceived assumptions about their dedication to work, pregnant women are discriminated against in hiring and in the workplace. A disproportionate amount of domestic work and childcare fall onto the shoulders of women in the household on top of the fact that Mothers are often the primary breadwinners for the family.

Covid 19 has only exacerbated this divide. Women have been more susceptible to job loss, and shouldered the responsibilities of virtual learning and childcare.

This Mothers Day remember that Mom deserves protection in the workplace, fair compensation for her work, and a society that doesn’t treat motherhood as a penalty.