Over 400 Supporters Of Mass Transit Hold “Rumble In The Capitol Rotunda” Rally

State Representative John Taylor addresses the rally.

Supporters of Mass Transit including the unions representing mass transit workers and the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO rallied at the State Capitol Rotunda on Monday in support of dedicated and sustainable funding, and a fully funded Transportation Funding Plan.

The Pennsylvanians for Public Transit, (PPT), a coalition of transit workers, riders, environmentalists, clergy, business, and community organizations also support protections against privatization of mass transit systems which would deteriorate the quality of services and lead to poor and unsafe conditions for riders. Neglect, inadequate funding, and the dramatic rise in ridership, due to higher gas prices, have caused a funding crisis in transit systems across Pennsylvania.

Governor Corbett’s long-awaited Transportation Funding Plan proposes just $40 million for all transit systems in Pennsylvania. This amount doesn’t cover the financial needs of SEPTA much less the entire system statewide. “Transit is the artery that carries life to economies and communities across Pennsylvania. If the Governor wants to keep Pennsylvania working then he has to invest in the people who transport 500,000 people to work every day in the Commonwealth,” President Bloomingdale said.

“Everybody has a stake in it whether they realize it or not. Mass Transit will play an even bigger role in Pennsylvania’s future. It is unimaginable that the Governor didn’t even mention it in his recent budget address,” Secretary-Treasurer Snyder said.

Union representatives and workers from all aspects of transportation, construction, and manufacturing supported the rally in a full display of unity and solidarity. State Senator Jay Costa, and State Representative John Taylor spoke in support of adequate, dedicated, and sustainable funding. Over 400 people participated in support of mass transit.