Casey Floor Speech On Importance Of National Labor Relations Board

Senator Casey (D-PA) took to the Senate floor last week and gave a speech on the importance of the National Labor Relations Board, and the dangers posed by the ongoing obstruction of the President’s nominees to this critical body.

Watch the video below to see the Senator make a powerful case for the virtues of unions and collective bargaining, and the vital role that the NLRB serves to protect these rights.

“We must end the disgrace of leaving the nation’s most important labor relations agency without leadership.  It is shameful if we allow this to continue to happen.”

“The recent record of obstruction of nominations in the Senate is, in a word, unacceptable, and should be unacceptable to every American.”

“It’s time to confirm the President’s nominees to the National Labor Relations Board, to give certainty to workers and to business as we continue to recover and create jobs.”

– Senator Bob Casey