Take Action: Transportation Funding Likely To Be Reduced, Linked To Privatization And Prevailing Wage

On June 5th the State Senate, by an overwhelming 45-5 margin, passed Senate Bill 1 – a transportation funding bill that would have provided a $2.5 billion investment in our roads, bridges, transit agencies, railways, airports, ports, and bicycle and pedestrian programs.  While this would still fall short of what most experts say is needed to address our infrastructure needs within the Commonwealth; it was at least a serious bill that would have created 100,000 jobs and started us down the road of addressing the urgent needs of our State’s infrastructure.

Unfortunately, we now have reason to worry whether members of the State House will have the opportunity to vote on this reasonable, bi-partisan piece of legislation.

On Monday, the House Transportation Committee will be taking up SB1, and we have heard from several sources that there will likely be an attempt to amend this bill which may result in significantly decreased funding, as well as linking transportation funding to attempts to privatize mass transit and undermine prevailing wage laws.

While the details are still unknown, transportation funding is too important to turn into a political football.  Members of the House Transportation Committee must be told to SUPPORT transportation funding that provides a real investment in the Commonwealth, that doesn’t have strings attached, and doesn’t attack workers!

If you are represented in the State House by a member of the Transportation Committee, the link below will allow you to send them an e-mail to tell them to follow the Senate’s lead and do the responsible thing for Pennsylvania!

E-Mail Your Representative On The Transportation Committee Now!