WHEREAS, some early services and objectives of organized workers were “Visit the Sick Committee, Pass the Hat action, and Sunshine Committees.”  This was the early attempt at welfare services for union members and their families.  Later, this broadened out into a concern for the general welfare of the total community and the well-being of its citizens; and

This was the birth of the Community Services Program as we know it.  In preparation for the merger in 1955, the AFL-CIO merger convention adopted a resolution initiating a constitutional provision that established a permanent department and a standing committee on Community Services.  This was established to encourage participation by union members in community affairs.  It was through this action that union members across the nation have been instrumental in making the community health and welfare agencies more representative of the people and more responsive to human needs; and

Just as union members have traditionally supported voluntary agencies through federated fund raising, they have also joined with other interested groups and individuals in community planning and development of new and necessary health and welfare services.  This Community Services Activities Department developed programs to train union members to understand the community agencies so that their families and other citizens would know how to use these available agencies, services, and facilities.  It is the aim of the AFL-CIO to assist in the strengthening of our communities in the areas of health, welfare, and recreation;

            THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the delegates of the 41st Constitutional Convention of the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO urge their affiliates to establish Community Services Committees and support the 13 Pennsylvania AFL-CIO Labor Liaisons; and

            THEREFORE, BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO urge all affiliates to participate in the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO Community Services Institute; and

            THEREFORE, BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED, that the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO urge all affiliates to sponsor, conduct or participate in the Union Community Activist Network as an educational means to broaden our unions’ interest in the Community Services Program.


Referred to:     Education Committee