Take Action! Push Back Against The Ongoing Threats To Our Collective Bargaining Rights In PA!

Your collective action so far in 2014 has played a huge role in keeping HB1507 from getting a vote on the House floor.  This so called “paycheck protection” bill, as you know by now, is nothing but a power grab by out-of-state billionaires who want to bankrupt unions so they can pass a whole buffet of anti-worker legislation without opposition.  Legislators in Harrisburg have gotten the message loud and clear that these bills are toxic, but that doesn’t mean the threat is over.

Last month, your quick action helped head off a scheme to advance this dangerous legislation at the local level, by introducing a resolution in support of HB 1507 at the County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania annual meeting.  The resolution was withdrawn following a strong outcry to your local elected officials.

But their bag of tricks is not empty yet.  Amendments have been introduced to various bills that would simply add this attack on collective bargaining to existing legislation.  Some lawmakers may think that they can sneak these union-busting attacks onto Corbett’s desk by hiding them inside other bills, but together we can shed a light on what they are attempting.

E-Mail Your Representative Now!

Unbelievably, the other side is trying to attach these attacks to bills that provide funding for special education or safe schools, or relief for distressed municipalities.

Tell them that you see through these games, and that you want them to oppose ANY amendments that will take away your collective bargaining rights; and to oppose ANY bill that includes these types of amendments.