Urgent Action! State Senate Employing Dirty Tricks To Attack Unions

blog_paycheckmidnightLast night, for the second time this session, the State Senate suspended the rules of their chamber to engage in a late night debacle over amendments attacking union members.  Going well past the 11pm deadline that was established in response to the infamous ‘midnight pay raise,’ the Senate continued debate until after 1:30am.  All of this was part of an attempt by Senator Wagner and his Tea Party cronies to bully Senate leadership into considering union-busting “Paycheck Protection” legislation.

E-Mail Your Senator NOW!

An urgent alert that we sent out last night resulted in thousands of e-mails flooding the State Senate by the time they finally adjourned.  Today is the final scheduled session day for the State Senate prior to the November election, and we expect Wagner to attempt to introduce his amendment once again today.

To be clear, this is merely a new vehicle for the same attack on unions that we have been fighting together all year – an effort to block the ability of unions to collect dues, so that they will be unable to effectively represent their members, or fight further anti-union legislation.  Groups like the ultra-conservative and anti-union Commonwealth Foundation have openly discussed how Paycheck Protection legislation is nothing but a means to ultimately pass “Right-to-Work” in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania citizens deserve better than a Senate that suspends their own rules to attack workers while they sleep.  E-mail your Senator today, tell them what you think about their late-night shenanigans, and tell them to reject Scott Wagner and his extreme ideological attacks on workers.

E-Mail Your Senator NOW!