Day 18 Of GOTV Campaign

At the 14th and final State System university of the series of Burgers And Ballots events, we left off with a bang with another great event and a visit from the next governor of Pennsylvania, Tom Wolf, who helped us flip some burgers.

We want to thank everyone who came out for every Burgers And Ballots event. Thank you to those who were at IUP today including APSCUF President Ken Mash, APSCUF Vice President Jamie Martin, Associate Director of Government Relations and Policy for APSCUF Doug Brown, Indiana Mayor George Hood, Indiana County Democratic Chairman Ron Fairman, Staff Representative for the Northwestern ALF Nick Johanningmeyer, and from AFSCME, Pete Yosurack, Bob Lucas, Don Griner, Mark Staron, Cindi Spielman, Mike Milner, Tom Gibbs, Terry Skultety, Jerry Shull, Rob Ginter and Dale Speedy.

As we wrap up our Burgers And Ballots series and look forward to more GOTV events leading up to November 4, we look back on a few great weeks of engaging with union members and young voters who got their eyes opened to the importance of this election, all while having some fun and enjoying some food.

“These students are the future of the Commonwealth. It’s important to make them aware of the state of the economy in Pennsylvania and the fact that we are 50th in job growth now. If they want to have a bright future, they have to pay attention to what’s going on. Tuitions have gone up, funding for their education has gone down and there’s a promise by the Commonwealth to take care of our state-owned universities. Our current governor has turned his back on these students.” APSCUF President Ken Mash said.

“This event is what we are all about. Good conversations, good company and educating our future leaders! It was awesome! Thank you PA AFL-CIO, AFSCME members, APSCUF members and students who helped make it successful. Your vote is your voice,” President of AFSCME Local 2345, West Chester University, Barbara Cooper said.

“It’s important to show that our unions are engaged with students, and that our issues are students’ issues as well. College students are a demographic that need to be reached out to, and need to learn about elections, because some of them don’t know there’s an election coming up,” Associate Director of Government Relations and Policy for APSCUF Doug Brown said.

“We generated enthusiasm for not only the candidates, but for the process itself. These events got people who wouldn’t have had these conversations about unions and the election talking, and helped in creating a future generation of voters,” AFSCME District Council 85 Director David Henderson said.

Check out some photos below of today’s great event at IUP as well as some photos of IUP faculty, staff and students on why they are voting.

Tom Wolf’s Fresh Start Bus Tour rolled on with multiple other events on Saturday. Check out photos from those events below.

While Burgers And Ballots at the college campuses may be wrapped up, PA AFL-CIO’s RV tour rolls on next week. Make sure to ‘Like’ Pennsylvania AFL-CIO on Facebook ( and ‘Follow’ us on Twitter @PaAFL_CIO ( to keep up with all the GOTV events. Also, follow us on Instagram @PaAFL_CIO.

And don’t forget to vote on November 4!