Vote Today: Justice Easy As 1-2-3

The Pennsylvania AFL-CIO has endorsed David Wecht, Christine Donohue, and Kevin Dougherty – the first three candidates on the Democratic ballot.

EdayGraphicA fair and representative Supreme Court is our last line of defense against legislative overreach that might threaten workers’ rights, civil rights, or voting rights in PA.  It is also our only chance to restore fairness to our election districts, so that anti-union lawmakers may finally be held accountable to the voters.  This is the first time in over 300 years that there have been three seats up for election on the Supreme Court at one time.  This unprecedented election gives voters the opportunity to shift control of the Court for decades to come, but we need the strongest candidates on the ballot in November to make that happen.  That is why The Pennsylvania AFL-CIO has endorsed three judges who are strong candidates, and champions for working Pennsylvanians.  Wecht, Donohue, and Dougherty have also all been recommended by the PA Bar Association.

The Pennsylvania AFL-CIO has also endorsed Robert Colville for Superior Court, and Todd Eagen for Commonwealth Court.

Polls are open today until 8:00pm – if you are unsure of where to vote, please visit to find your polling place.