Take Action! Fight For A Fair Budget

blog_budgetctionGovernor Wolf’s budget will move Pennsylvania forward, so we can’t let it be picked apart in pieces.  We need to tell our legislators to support the Wolf budget in its entirety.  Governor Wolf’s budget will altogether eliminate or significantly lower school property taxes for nearly every homeowner in the Commonwealth, while restoring much needed education funding. The average family will receive an overall net tax cut of about 13%.

The PLCB provided more than $565 million in profits, taxes, and other transfers to PA taxpayers last year.  Modernizing the wine and spirits stores will save 5,000 jobs, generate an additional $185 million per year in revenue, increase customer convenience, and expand operations, while also protecting a valuable public asset.  Wolf’s budget will invest in jobs and infrastructure, in addition to raising the minimum wage to $10.10 per hour, affecting 1.2 million Pennsylvania workers.

We encourage you to take action in emailing your legislators today and asking them to support the Wolf budget.