Urgent Action: Tell Your Rep To Oppose SB1071 – Most Dangerous Attack On Pensions Yet

Attacks On PensionsThe State House is currently debating SB1071, a terrible overhaul to the State’s public pension systems, which would take Pennsylvania from having one of the best pension systems in the County, to having the 3rd worst in the nation.

What’s worse is that the bill would affect both future and CURRENT employees, undermining their retirement security and likely increasing the employee contribution.  If the provisions affecting current employees are struck down by the courts as unconstitutional, then the remaining provisions of SB1071 would result in a net additional COST to taxpayers of $2 billion.

SB1071 does not address the unfunded liability, and it does not even provide any immediate savings for the current budget that is being negotiated.

E-mail your State Representative NOW! Tell them to OPPOSE SB1071, and stop the constant attacks on public workers and retirement security.