Attack On Pensions Defeated In The House – But Could Resurface

State CapitolThis afternoon, more than half of House Republicans joined with the entire Democratic caucus in voting down SB1071 by a final tally of 149 (N) to 52 (Y).  We would like to thank the legislators who opposed this terrible legislation today, and we would especially like to acknowledge the thousands of union members across the State who made phones calls and sent emails opposing SB1071 in the final days and hours before this critical vote.

While this was a significant victory, the House did keep the option to reconsider this bill, meaning that it could be brought up again for another vote at any time.  In the context of an ongoing budget impasse, this is a very real threat.  Workers have won this battle but not the war.  This pension bill was not ‘reform,’ it did nothing to address the unfunded liability, and it relied on unconstitutional reductions in the benefits of current employees to create the illusion of savings.  Such cynical and ill-conceived legislative attacks have no place in debate over the State budget.

It’s important that we all stay vigilant and continue to contact our legislators with a simple message.  Pass a real budget that restores education cuts.  Reject any attacks on public pensions and any efforts to privatize public assets such as the State Wine and Spirits Shops.

Thank you for your activism and your advocacy on behalf of your fellow workers and union members.