What Can You Do For Pennsylvania Workers?

Thank a UnionAs the 2017-2018 Pennsylvania General Assembly gets back to work, the PA AFL-CIO and working people across the Commonwealth will remain vigilant in protecting and advancing workers’ rights.  We know that there are some tough battles ahead, but we know that when workers stand together we win together.  Here are some of the most important things that Pennsylvanians can do to protect their fellow workers.

Stay informed.  The PA AFL-CIO and our affiliates are constantly communicating with activists and members about important legislative issues, but we need your help.  Using social media and talking with our fellow workers and neighbors is a key piece of getting out the union word.  Following us on Facebook and Twitter and subscribing to our e-newsletter are great first steps to making sure you’re getting the information you need.

Get to know your legislators.  The biggest opportunity for impact we have is our ability to write, call and visit our State Representatives and Senators at their district offices.  Lobby days and online actions are important, but so is developing our relationships with legislators in their districts.  Legislators should never forget the working people in their districts that they represent, regardless of their party affiliation. 

Local elections matter (a lot).  Elections for School Board, City and Borough councils and a wide range of other “off-year” election offices are key determiners in policies that affect working families.  These are some of the most significant, decision-making positions in our everyday lives.  In reality, there are no “off-years” in politics. 

Organize.  We can never forget that our power as working people comes from our Solidarity with fellow workers.  Building the labor movement is more important than ever.  Nowhere else are workers and their rights treated more fairly, or with more respect than when they are protected by a collective bargaining agreement.  All working people have the right to representation.

And, as always, BUY UNION!