Express Scripts: A Pennsylvania Job Killer

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 9.33.15 AMPharmaceutical giant Express Scripts, a mail-order prescription service, made more than $3 billion in profit last year. Now, the company is trying to close another U.S. facility, this time in Trevose, PA, while preserving its overseas call centers in the Philippines.  This decision will cost Pennsylvania 200 jobs, more than 180 of them union members of SEIU Healthcare.

Express Scripts has been trying to reduce its U.S operations for years.  Seven years ago, the union fought back and saved 400 jobs.  Yesterday, Representative Gene DiGirolamo held a press conference with many Express Scripts employees about to lose their jobs and fellow members of the labor movement to draw attention to the crisis. 

SEIU HealthcareIn its effort to off-shore good jobs, the company has gone so far that it is now sending U.S workers to the Philippines to train call center employees abroad.  Additionally, Express Scripts has hired temporary workers in Indiana to do data-entry, all while cutting hundreds of good-paying, family sustaining jobs in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

Ironically, Express Scripts continues to market itself to unions as a union-friendly, pro-worker company.  Don’t be fooled.