Pennsylvania AFL-CIO Thanks Secretary Kathy Manderino for Her Service to Pennsylvania’s Working People

The Officers of the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO congratulate Robert O’Brien on appointment to Acting Secretary

(Harrisburg, PA) – The officers of the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO, President Rick Bloomingdale and Secretary-Treasurer Frank Snyder, issued the following statement on the announcement of Secretary Kathy Manderino’s departure from the Department of Labor and Industry:

“We thank Secretary Kathy Manderino for her dedication and commitment to the working people of Pennsylvania. In her tenure as head of the Department of Labor and Industry, Secretary Manderino has prioritized apprenticeship programs and workforce development initiatives. She was an essential advocate for Pennsylvania’s nurses and caregivers by increasing enforcement of Act 102 which prohibits mandatory overtime. And the Secretary continued to fight for and build on workers’ rights policies across the board, including workers’ compensation, unemployment compensation and fighting back the misclassification of workers. The Pennsylvania AFL-CIO wishes her well in her new role on the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board.

We welcome the appointment of Robert O’Brien as Acting Secretary of the Department. Brother O’Brien has had a long career fighting for the working people of Pennsylvania as an official in the Department of Labor and Industry and as an officer of the Sheet Metal Workers Union Local #19. We congratulate him on this honor.”