Tax Scam Pushing Through Washington

Top 5 Reasons GOP Tax PlanUnited States Senator Bob Casey held a call with Pennsylvania Labor Leaders and implored action on the GOP Tax Plan.  The Tax Plan that will be rammed through the Senate, without a single hearing, cannot be called tax reform.  While the Bill may include many changes to tax policy, the Tax Plan, is at its core, “a giveaway to the Super-Rich”, said Senator Casey.

Let’s take a look at the Tax Plan being proposed by the Corporate Right-wing:

This Bill puts Corporate Tax giveaways ahead of helping working families.  Tax credits, like the Earned Income Tax Credit and the Child Tax Credit, and deductions for state and local taxes help middle and lower income working people, need to be protected and strengthened, not cut back. 

This Tax Plan incentivizes outsourcing jobs.  Corporations that send jobs overseas, instead of keeping jobs here, will see a tax break.  The U.S. tax rate on the majority of offshore profits would be reduced to zero.  The American economy needs to invest in creating good jobs HERE, not actively send them away.

This Tax Plan runs up the deficit AND cuts key funding to Medicare, Medicaid and education. This bill includes cutting $1.5 TRILLION dollars from Medicare and Medicaid funding.  On top of damaging core services many working families rely on, this tax plan would add more than $1.4 trillion to the budget deficit.

This Bill raises taxes on working people.  In 2019, 13 million families will see an increase in their taxes.  And also in 2019, $34 Billion in tax cuts will go to the country’s wealthiest 572,000 families. By 2027, many middle and low income working families will actually end up paying even MORE in taxes, while 60 percent of the benefits go to millionaires.

Call 1-844-899-9913 and tell Senator Pat Toomey that this Bill is a TAX SCAM for working families.  Then, call your Representative in Congress.  Tell them that you want them to reject the Senate’s Tax Plan and stand up for working families.