Today is Equal Pay Day!

Equal Pay for Equal WorkDespite the passage of the Equal Pay Act more than five decades ago, women are still underrepresented in high paying jobs and get paid less for the same work. Women make up 48% of the workforce and are the breadwinners in more than 40% of households.

As first day of the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO’s 43rd Constitutional Convention kicks off on Equal Pay Day, delegates and guests at the Convention took digital action, signing a petition to demand pay equity.

Sign our petition to demand equal work for equal pay!

The Wage Gap that still exists in our country costs women workers millions of dollars throughout her lifetime. The labor movement exists as one of the largest grassroots movements for women’s rights in history, fighting for economic rights and freedom for women to make a living with dignity and respect. Society still has a long way to go.

Women of color experience the widest wage gap for the same jobs. Black women make only 63 cents on the dollar as white men and Hispanic women only 54 cents. We need to work together as a united labor movement to advocate for pay equity for our sisters!

Text EQUALPAY to 235-246 to receive take a digital action.