Governor Tom Wolf Vetoes Dangerous Attack on Workers’ Compensation

The CapitolPennsylvania AFL-CIO Applauds Protection of Injured Workers

 (HARRISBURG) – Today Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf vetoed Senate Bill 936, which would institute a drug formulary for workers’ compensation.  The officers of the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO President Rick Bloomingdale and Secretary-Treasurer Frank Snyder issued the following joint statement:

 “Governor Tom Wolf has taken a strong stand today in the defense of Pennsylvania’s injured workers and pushed back against the deceptive rhetoric of corporate special interests in his veto of Senate Bill 936.  The right-wing leadership in our State Legislature has shamefully touted Senate Bill 936 as a solution to the opioid epidemic when it is nothing of the sort. 

The institution of a vague drug formulary in workers’ compensation risks prioritizing cheap drugs over the appropriate treatment and advice of doctors.  This is not only a direct violation of the social contract that is the basis of the workers’ compensation system; it is a disgraceful mistreatment of our Commonwealth’s state of emergency.  This bill leverages the concern and pain of Pennsylvanians, injured workers and the victims of the opioid epidemic, for the benefit of insurance company profits.”