Union-Made Mother’s Day – Plus, Why We Need to Stop Paying Women Less For Motherhood

As with many other occasions and holidays, the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO encourages you to enjoy the spirit of the moment, and be ethical consumers.  See below for a list of union-made gift ideas.  But, we also want to take this opportunity to remind you that mothers in the workplace often do not receive the respect or treatment that they deserve.

We know that the gender wage gap is real; women make less than men at work for systemic reasons that remain unacceptable.  If women choose to become mothers, they can expect to be penalized further.  Women with children make more than 4.6 percent less than women without children and even less than men with or without children.

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After a child is born, fathers spend more time at the office, while mothers spend less.  Society still expects, nearly demands, that women remain the primary caregivers for children, but neglects to compensate them for the necessity that is raising our future generation.  Today, many families need two working people to sustain and support children and expenses, but a lot of women and working families are faced with exorbitant costs of childcare that often force working people into untenable decisions. Do I go to work to pay someone to raise my child?

This Mothers’ Day, let’s ask ourselves, what can we do to ensure that working mothers have the support they need.

When you shop for your Mom or any of the amazing mothers and nurturers that surround you, show her you care by being a patron to the businesses that treat working mothers with the respect they deserve, and a union contract to protect them.  Thanks to our sisters and brothers at Labor 411!

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