CLUW Statewide Conference This Weekend

CLUW PinThe Pennsylvania Coalition of Labor Union Women is having their Statewide Conference on Saturday, August 4. CLUW members and their union sisters are gathering in Harrisburg to discuss the issues facing women in the workplace and the ways these issues can be addressed through the ballot box.  The Statewide Conference will be kicked off by PA State President Angela Ferritto, State Representative Patty Kim, and Keynote Speaker Elise Bryant, the CLUW National President.

Tell Congress You Support Equal Pay for Equal Work

The conference will feature contemporary topics that affect women, and the ways voting can make an impact on these issues. For the past year, the #MeToo movement has shone a light on the realities of sexual harassment in the workplace and throughout society.  Representative Leanne Krueger-Braneky will be speaking to this issue and the opportunities Pennsylvanians can pursue in the legislature. Pay equality, women’s health and workers’ rights will also be discussed.

Gender discrimination in the workplace manifests in many ways, through pay inequality, lack of resources, incidence of sexual harassment, and others.  We know that union membership and the protection of a collective bargaining agreement make a big difference in the everyday work and workplaces of our sisters.  The median wage for women workers is only 83 cents to that of the median man’s wage. 

Women of color experience the combined weight of racial and gender pay gaps, with African-American woman making 65 cents and Hispanic women making 59 cents to the white male dollar.  Union membership has an extraordinary impact on these figures.  Women represented by unions have wages that are 23% higher than non-union women.  On the whole, the gender pay gap is smaller for all women workers, when they are represented by a union.

When we work together and fight for equality in the workplace, and vote for those interests at the ballot box, we can win.  The Statewide Conference encourages CLUW members and their chapters to discuss the issues, collaborate on solutions, and empower them to take their ideas and plans back to their communities.

Pennsylvania is home to seven CLUW chapters: Central PA, Delaware-Chester, Laurel Highlands, Neshaminy Bucks, North East PA, Philadelphia, and Southwestern PA.  You can find more information on these chapters here.

The Pennsylvania CLUW Conference will be held at the AFSCME Conference Center on Saturday, August 4th from 10 am – 3 pm.  Pre-registration is required.