63 Cents on the Dollar Isn’t Good Enough

Equal Pay Day for AllAugust 7, 2018 marks Black Women’s Equal Pay Day.  It takes a Black woman an additional 8 months to make what her white male counterparts make in a year because on average her wages equate to 63 cents on the dollar.  In 2018, it is unacceptable that gender pay inequality runs rampant through workplaces across the country.  Our economy routinely devalues the occupations and labor that our society relies on.

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We recognized Equal Pay Day 2018 on April 10th which marks the average of all women’s pay in comparison to white, non-Hispanic men; on the whole, women make 80 cents to the dollar.  Over the course of their lifetime, black women lose more than a million dollars to this pay gap. Native American and Latina/Hispanic Women make even less, averaging 57 cents and 54 cents to every white non-Hispanic male dollar. Asian women earn 87 cents to the dollar, and white, non-Hispanic women make 79 cents to the dollar.

We know that the wage gap is considerably narrower in union jobs.  Black women in unions make 32.2% more per week than their non-union counterparts.  Women in unions make 94 cents to every dollar paid to their union brothers.  Organizing and joining unions is absolutely critical to closing the gender wage gap for all workers.  We have a long way to go toward equality, but if we do this together, we can fix this.