ICYMI: Workers Win in Missouri

MOAFLCIOIn case you missed it, our Brothers and Sisters in the State of Missouri made History on Tuesday, by repealing “Right to Work” at the ballot box!  The Labor Movement came together to vote down Proposition A by a 2-1 vote!

More than 65% of the votes cast on the Missouri Ballot question were to reject, anti-union legislation.  This Victory extends far past the state borders and sends a signal to workers all across the country.  Union members are coming together to demand change to a rigged economic system that benefits the wealthy few and corporations over the working families who build and serve this country.

Union members knocked on more than 800,000 doors, made over 1 million phone calls and canvassed more than a thousand worksites to make this victory possible.

At a time when the media and the right-wing are eager to say the Labor Movement is on its knees, OUR VICTORY in Missouri proves that we are only getting started.  Working people know that unions are the best way to raise wages and demand a voice for workers on the job!

Pennsylvania and Missouri have much in common.  We routinely fight back terrible, anti-worker legislation from state legislators.  We build coalitions and partnerships across political parties and with community allies.  We forge forward together to demand equality and dignity for all workers.