Labor Day Kicks Off #Labor2018 Campaign

IMG_3838What do Joe Biden, Bob Casey and a tee-shirt canon have in common?

Labor Day! As President Bloomingdale said in his Labor Day message: “It’s not about Democrats and Republicans; it’s about the working people of Pennsylvania.”  We need to fight back the anti-worker policies that our opponents would force on Pennsylvania.  And in order to do that, we and all our brothers and sisters, must VOTE on Tuesday, November 6. 

This Labor Day, thousands of Union members across Pennsylvania came together to celebrate the victories of working people. For the last 136 years, Labor Day has marked the remembrance for the fight for workers’ rights, the very concept of the eight-hour workday, the weekend, the elimination of child labor in favor of universal education, and the injustice of unsafe, often lethal working conditions.

Central Labor Councils and Local unions held thirteen Labor Day festivals, parades and community events over the weekend.  The State Federation is so excited to see Pennsylvania’s UNION PRIDE, and we can’t wait to see all of our enthusiastic activists out knocking doors, making calls, leafleting worksites and talking to their fellow brothers and sisters.

Labor Day reminds us of everything that is at stake: the policies and laws that protect workers on the job, our right to organize and collectively bargain, and an economic future that works for all of us, instead of just the wealthy.   

Check out our Flickr Album for photos from the day’s events