Labor2018 Launches Local Union Mail


you've got mailOne of the most crucial components of the Labor 2018 program for Pennsylvania is local union mail.  Our members need to hear from us about the candidates that will stand up for and defend our jobs and our families.  In this age of digital media, a letter from our local union, delivered by our brothers and sisters of the United States Postal Service, stands apart from other communications.

When it comes to the Governor’s race, there is ONLY ONE choice for union members: the reelection of Governor Tom Wolf.  Scott Wagner openly campaigns destroy and dismantle our workers’ rights to join and form unions and negotiate for fair wages.  Right-wing, corporate special interests are bankrolling attacks on unions and workers from our state capital.  In November, Pennsylvania has the chance to elect pro-worker, pro-union candidates that will stand up for our right to a fair economy.  Our Commonwealth cannot afford to sit out this election.

Our first piece of local union mail will feature Governor Tom Wolf.  Pennsylvania’s union members need to re-elect the Governor and ensure a champion against the anti-worker special interests that fund harmful legislation and push public policies that demean workers.

Reaching out to our members is absolutely crucial to our success on November 11.

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