BCTGM to Mondelez: Hands Off Our Pensions!

downloadOn Saturday, September 15, our BCTGM brothers and sisters will be protesting in Philadelphia at 11:45 AM.  Union brothers and sisters will confront Mondelez’s corporate practices which include hurting our people and our communities.

Mondelez has been attempting to eliminate the hard-earned pensions of more than 110,000 American workers, while they exploit workers in Mexico for $1/hour wages!

Additionally, Mondelez approved a salary of nearly $60 MILLION for their CEO last year.  

Your sisters and brothers need your help in telling Mondelez: “HANDS OFF OUR PENSIONS!” Already Mondelez has eliminated hundreds of American jobs, as they continue to shift production to Mexico, India, and Bahrain, exploiting workers globally.  They continue to spend egregiously on executive pay, compensating their current CEO more than $42 MILLION within 41 days of work.

Join your BCTGM brothers and sisters at 202 West Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia, PA 19103 at 11:45AM on Saturday, September 15.