Call to Action: Anti-Worker Legislation to Be Heard Monday in the House L&I Committee

Capitol Building 2The Pennsylvania House Labor and Industry Committee, chaired by Representative Kauffman, will be considering a series of anti-worker, anti-union bills on Monday, September 24.  These bills range from pre-empting local government policies, attacking prevailing wage, and a post-Janus attack on public sector unions.

Contact these committee members now!

  1. HB 861 (Introduced by Rep. Grove)- prohibits local governments from enacting any laws or ordinances regulating employer policies and practices or enforcing any mandate regarding employer policies and practices—in other words, preempting Philly’s paid leave law. 
  2. HB 1781 (Introduced by Rep. Fred Keller)- allows an individual to be registered with L&I as an independent contractor (IC) where both the employer and the individual agree that no employer-employee relationship exists. It permits the business to file the registration completed by an individual who claims to be an IC for Federal income tax purposes with L&I and would ensure that a business which registers an individual as an IC is not liable for workers’ compensation benefits, or required to provide the IC insurance coverage or self-insure.
  3. HB 2571 (Introduced by Rep. Klunk)– the right-wing, anti-union response to Janus.
  4. HB 297 (Introduced by Rep. Dush)– would exempt work performed on dirt, gravel, and low-volume road maintenance projects from prevailing wage.
  5. HB 2593 (Introduced by Rep. Fred Keller)- Increases the time period a union member has to resign their membership in a union from 15 to 45 days.