The IBEW is ALL-IN for Labor 2018

file-55The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers is hitting the doors, the phones, and the work sites to make a difference in the Labor 2018 campaign.  Pennsylvania in 2018 has an opportunity to make real and significant changes to our Congressional delegation.  After the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled the Congressional districts too gerrymandered and in violation of our State’s constitution, the newly redrawn maps allow for new successes for the working people across the Commonwealth.

“The redistricting of the Congressional Districts afforded us an opportunity to elect some more friends of labor to represent us in Washington.  It’s a chance we can not pass up,” remarked IBEW International Vice President Mike Welsh.

Vice President Welsh and his union brothers and sisters are dedicated to talking to fellow union members and getting out the vote for November 6.  “It’s an incredibly valuable conversation we get to have with our members.  We share their interests and their values.  We can talk with our members better than any political party.”

Labor 2018 may be about electing pro-worker, pro-union public servants to Harrisburg and Washington, but at it’s very core it is about the issues that affect the members of our movement.  “The Labor 2018 campaign is much like an organizing campaign. Essentially, it’s getting out there and talking to workers.  It’s about hearing their concerns and having a conversation about how you can address them and make things better.”

The Pennsylvania AFL-CIO applauds the work of the IBEW release staff, union volunteers, apprentices, Local Union Leaders and IVP Mike Welsh for their leadership and commitment to the Labor 2018 campaign.  Across Pennsylvania IBEW Locals have opened their halls and given their time to making this “Labor-to-Labor” program a success.