UMWA Is Fighting Back For Pennsylvania

Nick, Chris, JerryFor the members of the United Mine Workers of America, the 2018 election is about the issues for their union and their brothers and sisters.  Up and down the ballot, the federal government and state government public offices have real, tangible effects on members daily lives.  Since 2017, the UMWA has been fighting to protect the pensions and health care benefits that were guaranteed to mine workers in the 1940s; those pensions and benefits were under attack from the federal government.

Electing congressional representatives that will defend the healthcare and pensions of Mineworkers is a top priority. U.S. Senator Bob Casey Jr. has worked with the UMWA from the beginning to protect these necessary benefits.  “Bob Casey has been far and above an absolute leader on this issue,” stated UMWA District 2 Vice President Ed Yankovich.

“At the state level we look at the way candidates voted on Senate Bill 166.  The defining point of this election is the direct threat to your union,” remarked Vice President Yankovich. “Senate Bill 166, paycheck deception, was a defining moment in the history of the Commonwealth as a direct attack on organized labor. If Scott Wagner and these anti-union extremists get into office, right to work will be the first piece of legislation they move.  They could abolish Act 195 and deny our public-sector brothers and sisters their right to a union,” he emphasized.

It’s the issues that are making a difference in the Labor 2018 campaign.  The UMWA is talking to their members and their fellow brothers and sisters about workers’ rights and the existential threat posed to labor unions and their members by anti-worker extremists.  “We’re getting a very good response from our members.  We’re talking to our union brothers and sisters on the phones, at their doors and sending them local union mail”.

The UMWA is all in for the 2018 campaign because they have seen first-hand how legislative inaction and attack can impact their members.  “We’ve seen what happened in Wisconsin, what happened in Michigan and we’re going to make sure that it doesn’t happen in Pennsylvania!”