Governor Tom Wolf Fights For Pennsylvania Workers

Tom Wolf #UnionOn November 6, the decision for Governor is clear. Governor Tom Wolf supports your right to a union; Scott Wagner will embark on an extremist, union-busting campaign. If you care about the right to join a union, the right to earn a living wage and the right to a safe workplace, then Governor Wolf is the only choice.

Governor Tom Wolf has expanded Medicaid access to more than 720,000 Pennsylvanians and will continue to protect health care access for our families. Governor Wolf has invested in repaired or rebuilding our infrastructure, including 1,300 roads, 600 bridges and more than 6,000 miles of roadway. This $6 billion investment has created jobs across Pennsylvania, and Wolf plans to invest $2 billion more over the next 10 years.

Governor Wolf has restored $1 billion in education funding and approved millions of dollars in apprenticeships and job training programs. He’s protected prevailing wage and worked to raise wages for thousands of Pennsylvania workers.  By prioritizing workforce development, Governor Wolf has made strides to create a path to improve and expand Pennsylvania’s middle class.  

In contrast, Scott Wagner believes that your retirement income should be taxed. Scott Wagner would lay off teachers and slash education funding. Scott Wagner would work to destroy unions in the public sector, in favor of his own personal gain. We’ve had enough of Scott Wagner’s anti-worker policies and hateful, violent rhetoric.