GM Decisions Impacts Entire Manufacturing Industry

UAWThis week, GM announced a major decision to shutter plants in Ohio and Michigan, a decision that not only affects our brothers and sisters of the UAW, but also every manufacturing industry in the United States.  Pennsylvania’s union movement stands in solidarity with our UAW brothers and sisters in Ohio, Michigan, and Maryland in spite of GM’s decision to shut down plants, destroy thousands of jobs all in the name of corporate profit.  Pennsylvania is a manufacturing state. We make glass, steel, rubber and countless more products and materials that go into the American-made vehicles. This is especially concerning for those anticipating the future completion and operation of the Shell Chemical Plant in western Pennsylvania, which is expected to make a great deal of plastics for the auto industry.  The decision to abandon working class Americans after GM received a major taxpayer bailout is a blatant disregard for the thousands of working families who will be impacted by this pursuit of increasing corporate profits.

Our UAW brothers and sisters released the following statement:

General Motors decision today to stop production at the Lordstown, Ohio, and Hamtramck, Michigan, assembly plants will idle thousands of workers, and will not go unchallenged by the UAW.

This decision will also affect employment at other GM locations including Baltimore, Maryland, and Michigan’s Brownstown and Warren Transmission plants.  The UAW and our members will confront this decision by GM through every legal, contractual and collective bargaining avenue open to our membership.

“This callous decision by GM to reduce or cease operations in American plants, while opening or increasing production in Mexico and China plants for sales to American consumers, is, in its implementation, profoundly damaging to our American workforce,” said Terry Dittes, UAW Vice President, Director GM Department. “GM’s production decisions, in light of employee concessions during the economic downturn and a taxpayer bailout from bankruptcy, puts profits before the working families of this country whose personal sacrifices stood with GM during those dark days. These decisions are a slap in the face to the memory and recall of that historical American made bailout.”

Read their whole statement here

National AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka made the following statement:

GM’s decision to stop production in Michigan, Ohio, and Maryland is a gut punch to the American workers who sacrificed and stood by the company to bring it back to profitability. We will fight this corporate greed and outsourcing with our brothers and sisters at the UAW. In the face of overwhelming selfishness and hypocrisy, solidarity among all working people will be our most powerful tool for the fight ahead.