Union Members Demand Federal Courthouse Construction Use Local Workers

Central Pennsylvania Union members held a rally this week in Harrisburg to protest the federal government’s lack of commitment to hiring local workers in the 200 million construction of a new federal courthouse in Harrisburg.  Work on the project will bring good, family-sustaining jobs to Central Pennsylvania. Labor unions, city council members, the Harrisburg NAACP, and county officials have publicly stated that this rejection of Dauphin County and central Pennsylvania workers is unacceptable. Union members handed out flyers explaining “the U.S. General Services Administration and Mascaro, the Pittsburgh-based general contractor for the project have decided not to use local labor and zero contracts for this project have been awarded to Dauphin County workers”.

“It’s a slap in the face to the local community,” said Clay Roach, union member of Bricklayer Local Union No. 5 of Pennsylvania told Fox43. “What they’re doing is bringing out-of-town contractors in and out-of-town workers,” said Roach. “They’re making their money here and then leaving the city.”

Attorney Irwin Aronson, General Council for the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO, the Central Pennsylvania Building Construction and Trades Council, and the Harrisburg Regional CLC said to media, “[Central Pennsylvanian’s] taxes are being used to pay out-of-town contractors and out-of-town workers, to steal our pay and to steal our jobs. . .  Demand that they use local folks, demand that they use local contractors, demand they use minority-owned and women-owned businesses, and demand that they use well-trained people to do this work,” Aronson said.