5 Things You Can Do to Build The Union Movement in 2019

i-am-a-union-proud-dues-paying-member-afl-cio-32983533Now that 2019 is here, many of us are testing out our new year’s resolutions.  This year, let us all resolve to do what we can to drive our unions and our movement forward. 62% of Americans    Last year, labor unions and union members were at the forefront of historic demonstrations of collective action and community mobilizations.  Right here in Pennsylvania, our union brothers and sisters demanded working class issues take center stage in elections across our Commonwealth.   

Attend a Meeting – Building the union movement starts with showing up.  Attending your local union and central Labor Council meetings is essential.  Whether it’s in person at the union hall or online streaming the Local’s Facebook feed, building rapport with your union brothers and sisters, learning about their concerns and sharing ideas is critical to our movement solidarity.

Volunteer and Get Involved – Whether it’s volunteering to help on a community service project or joining a committee, the most important resource you have for building our movement is your time and your voice.

Know Your Rights – If you are fortunate enough to have a collective bargaining agreement or another form of workplace protection, making an effort to know and understand your contract can go a long way.  Knowing what workplace safety and health protections are available can be life or death information.  Know that on the job, you have rights. (*if you don’t have a union, click here)

Stay Informed – Public policy, legislation, and many community issues have a very real impact on unions and our fellow brothers and sisters.  The Pennsylvania AFL-CIO and our affiliate labor unions track legislation at the state and federal level that affect our movement’s ability to fight for and defend workers.  When a piece of legislation like “right to work” turns up in Harrisburg, or when a labor union is fighting for the economic dignity of your local community, show your support.  Being an informed union member spreads our message throughout the working class of our Commonwealth.

Share Your Union Pride – The most important thing that any of us can do in 2019 is to share our union pride.  Share your story about what being in the union has done for your life and your livelihood.  Wear your union colors.  Buy union-made products at the grocery store, or hardware store, and tell people why you support union-made businesses.  Be Union PROUD.