What You Can Do To Show Your #Solidarity4UE?

On Wednesday, March 6 at 3:00PM, the United Electrical Workers (UE) Local 506 and 618 will hold a rally to support the striking workers at GE Transportation. Join us at Station Avenue and Westinghouse Avenue, Wilmerding, PA!

These Erie workers are standing up for family sustaining jobs and their communities. Wabtec has taken control of the company and wants to impose working conditions that do no more than line the bosses’ pockets. And they intend to do it by turning workers against one another. They WILL NOT win.

UE members know the two-tier wage system is about pitting workers that do the same jobs against their fellow brothers and sisters. This wage structure would pay new workers 38% LESS than their fellow workers. The company is also seeking MANDATORY overtime.

The proposed wage reductions would result in a loss in direct and induced wages of $17.1 million, 82 more local jobs, and a ripple effect of $11 million in economic loss to the community. Meanwhile, CEO Raymond Betler will receive a $16 million payment on the completion of the merger, along with $43 million in compensation for 19 other corporate executives.

Here’s what you can do:

1. You can refuse to cross the picket line for deliveries of any kind.
2.  Join them at the picket line at one of the gates, make sure to wear your union colors, please. See map at bottom of email.
3. Bring or send a donation of food for those on the picket line.
4. Post on your social media sites comments of support,  pictures of your members showing support, and flood the internet with this hashtag: #SOLIDARITY4UE (You can take a picture at your location with handmade signs of support to post on social media, too.)
5. Call your legislators and ask them to use their influence to bring negotiations to a quick and fair contract.
6. Spread the word and use your influence to help garner more support especially from other unions and community leaders. Thank you in advance for all that you do! SEE YOU ON THE PICKET LINE!