It really is time to raise the minimum wage.

Union members, community activists, and state legislators gathered together in the Capitol Rotunda to issue Call to Action to Pennsylvania’s workers. It’s time we raised the minimum wage!

“You can only make progress by fighting for progress”- AFL-CIO President George Meany

There is nothing more transformative than the power of working people coming together in solidarity. If we want to unrig the system so all of us have the opportunity to earn a decent living, then we must demand the change we need.

This week, Representative Patty Kim and Senator Tina Tartaglione introduced HB 1215 and SB 12, respectively. These pieces of legislation will raise the minimum wage in Pennsylvania to $15 per hour over the next few years.

Join us by signing on to our Raise the Wage petition!

Our friends at the We the People Campaign have set a challenge for Pennsylvanians who want to raise the wage to $15/hour. Check it out below:


Fifteen Days of Action (March 22- April 5)

  1. Friday, 3/22 – Nominate 15 people/groups to accept the challenge (after you accept it yourself)
  2. Saturday, 3/23 – Tip your local service worker $15 in cash
  3. Sunday, 3/24 – Engage in 15 conversations around the minimum wage
  4. Monday, 3/25 – Start collecting 15 #RaiseTheWagePA petition signatures
  5. Tuesday, 3/26 – Make 15 phone calls
  6. Wednesday, 3/27 – Office visits
  7. Thursday, 3/28 – Office visits
  8. Friday, 3/29 – Office visits
  9. Saturday, 3/30 – Send 15 letters to the editors (as a group)
  10. Sunday, 3/31 – Tip your local service worker $15 cash
  11. Monday, 4/1 – Post 15 April themed minimum wage social media post – April showers, April fools
  12. Tuesday, 4/2 – Send 15 postcards/emails to your elected officials
  13. Wednesday, 4/3 – Make 15 phone calls
  14. Thursday, 4/4 – Write 15 thank you posts to elected officials in support of a living wage
  15. Friday, April 5th – Petition delivery/Final office visits (rally, visit, meeting, press conference)