Union Members are Hitting the Streets for Pam Iovino. Here’s Why:

Last Spring union members were central to the election of Conor Lamb in the former 18th congressional district.  In November union members again made their case for a fair economy and the value of workers’ voices, resulting in the reelection of Governor Wolf.  And on April 2nd, workers across the 37th State Senate district are leading the way to sending a union member and public servant to represent them in Harrisburg.

Over the last several years, attention has been focused on the working class and the issues that impact blue-collar workers.  Southwest Pennsylvania is the foundation of the industrial heartland, and the power of workers in this historic corner of our Commonwealth is key to the democratic process.  Living wages, safe working conditions, retirement security and a voice at work are central to securing the future for southwest Pennsylvania. 

Southwest Pennsylvania needs a state senator who will fight for good jobs, while protecting and advancing the rights of workers.  Pam Iovino is a union member and veteran who understands the social and economic reality facing working men and women all across our Commonwealth.  Union members are supporting Pam Iovino because she supports our collective bargaining rights, will uphold our prevailing wage laws, work to raise the minimum wage and strengthen public education.  Union members are supporting Pam Iovino because she is one of us.

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