Pennsylvania Needs a #FairWorkWeek.

This week, Pennsylvania AFL-CIO President Rick Bloomingdale proudly joined State Representative Elizabeth Fiedler, fellow labor leaders, and state legislators in calling for statewide Fair Workweek legislation. More than 1.8 million workers across the nation benefit from fair workweek laws.  It’s time that the working people across Pennsylvania benefit from fair scheduling too.

Last December, our brothers and sisters at the Philadelphia Council brought workers, communities, and businesses together to ensure fair scheduling.  And we are proud to keep that fight alive across our Commonwealth. Fair Work Week laws provide workers with greater stabilitypredictability, and flexibility in their work schedules.

Irregular and unpredictable schedules result in a host of serious problems for working people and their families. They create volatile incomes, adding an additional barrier for families trying to manage their budgets and plan for the future. They also make it difficult for workers to explore other job opportunities.

Fair Work Week laws ensure that workers’ time is respected and appropriately valued. Unstable and unpredictable scheduling make it nearly impossible for workers to pursue opportunities for education and training. A growing body of research has also found that increasing predictability, stability, and flexibility of worker schedules can lead to higher productivity and increased sales for retail stores

Unions have long fought for workers’ right to live their lives.  When you don’t know when you’ll be working, or not working, your ability to plan for your future is extremely difficult. We urge you to stand with us and demand a #FairWorkWeek.