Union Members Rally To Save Union Jobs in PA Nuclear Plants

(HARRISBURG) Today hundreds of union members came together to save nuclear jobs at a rally coordinated by the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO, the Pennsylvania Building and Construction Trades Council and Nuclear Powers PA.  With the potential closure of two nuclear energy plants looming, workers are speaking out on the value of nuclear and the jobs it creates.

16,000 good, family-sustaining jobs are created by nuclear plants in Pennsylvania.  These jobs are essential to workers, their families and their communities.  Nuclear energy is the single largest source of energy creation in Pennsylvania and the closure of Three Mile Island and Beaver Valley will directly impact energy consumers in Pennsylvania and surrounding states.

The officers of the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO, President Rick Bloomingdale and Secretary-Treasurer Frank Snyder emphatically support our brothers and sisters working in the Commonwealth’s five nuclear energy plants.  The officers have issued the following statements:

“The Pennsylvania AFL-CIO has always supported a diverse energy portfolio for our Commonwealth.  There are virtually zero carbon emissions from this extremely reliable energy source.  Millions of energy consumers will be impacted by the closure of these plants.  Communities will be hit hard by the loss of thousands of good, family-sustaining jobs.  We need the state legislature to find a solution that protects workers and consumers, and saves these jobs”, stated President Bloomingdale.

“Working families across Pennsylvania depend on the 16,000 jobs that are created in the nuclear power industry.  We cannot let corporate special interests and alarmist rhetoric set Pennsylvania back decades in energy production.  We must protect the livelihoods of thousands of working people and preserve our Commonwealth’s access to reliable and clean energy,” remarked Secretary-Treasurer Snyder.