This Week in Harrisburg . . .

Another week in Harrisburg has come and went. Our brothers and sisters of UFCW Local 1776 KS took stood up to dangerous liquor privatization legislation. Check out some of the other happenings in Harrisburg this week.


HB 356 and HB 357 were reported from the House Education Committee on May 13. The proponents of these bills claim that they would “fix” Pennsylvania’s old charter school law. Although there is no doubt that the law is very defective, neither of these bills will level the playing field between charters, cyber charters, and traditional public schools. They would not mandate the accountability and transparency that we desperately need. They will only compound our school budget problems and facilitate the expansion of charter schools.


The House Insurance Committee voted Monday, May 13, on a bill (HB 1283) the declared intent of which is to put protections into state law for pension plans that have been shifted out of the protection of Federal Law and into a Group Annuity. This so called “de-risking” process, as it is referred to by proponents, puts at risk the very workers who have invested in their pensions their entire working lives. All Republicans and two Democrats supported the bill.


On May 15, the House Commerce Committee voted on House Resolution 248, which urges Congress to support the United States–Mexico–Canada Agreement. The resolution was reported from committee on a party line vote.