Victories for Pennsylvania’s Workers

On Tuesday, Pennsylvanians went to the polls to cast their votes in primaries and special elections.  Labor’s endorsed candidates in the primary for Pennsylvania’s Superior Court, our USW union sister Amanda Green-Hawkins and judge Daniel McCaffrey, won spots on the Democratic ticket.  And, our very own Secretary-Treasurer Frank Snyder won on both the Republican and Democrat ballot for a 6-year term for Auditor of Carroll Township in York County!

But the work to elect worker champions has only begun!  We have opportunities in 2019 to grow our ranks of grassroots activists and union volunteers so that we can win the battles in front of us and be better-prepared for those that are around the corner in 2020 and beyond.  Elections are not a spectator sport, and neither are our unions.  We need to all get out of the stands and find the ways that we can contribute to growing power for workers in Pennsylvania.

Meanwhile, the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO has officially kicked off our “Path to Power” program.   

We are fighting to shift the balance of power back to working people.  We want union members to represent workers in their communities.   If you or any other union member won their elections yesterday, please contact the PA AFL-CIO and let us know! Send an email to