Labor Unions Support Overtime Pay for Misclassified and Exempt Workers

This week, the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO in Harrisburg and the IBEW Local 56 in Erie hosted round table discussions on Governor Wolf’s proposed rule change expanding overtime eligibility with labor leaders, union members from across the movement. Members and leaders from UE, Roofers, UA, SEIU, CWA and more gathered to share their experiences on overtime work with representatives from the PA Department of Labor and Industry. 

Currently, many salaried workers often fall into the administrative, executive and professional exemption from overtime pay. This is in large part due to the regulation’s threshold salary of $13,000 a year, and a misclassification of duties. Updating the overtime eligibility under the Executive, Administrative and Professional salaried worker exemptions would affect wages for an estimated 465,000 workers across our Commonwealth. 

We proudly support Governor Wolf’s extension of overtime eligibility to more than 465,000 workers across the Commonwealth.