ICYMI: Native Women’s Equal Pay Day

This week marked Native Women’s Equal Pay Day. In today’s America, Native American women must work until September 23, 2019 to make what a white man earned in the year 2018. That means that it takes a native woman to 21 months of income to equate to 12 months of a white man’s income, Native women make 58 cents on the dollar.

The following was reported from EqualPayToday.org:
“What’s worse, while the gender wage gap is not an unknown fact to most, in relation to this particular demographic, it is. Native people make up just two percent of the United States population and are an exceedingly understudied and non-considered group. The small size of this population makes it difficult to receive some of the information needed to effectively close the gap.

“Overall, we know there are many contributors to the wage gap: lack of pay transparency, employment discrimination, occupational segregation, lack of affordable childcare, inadequate minimum wage and tipped minimum wage, unfair workplace practices, inadequate access to capital, and general gender and race based bias.  However, for Native women, the list of contributors is longer.  Native people face poverty and unemployment at higher and more unbalanced rates.  The gap is even more intensified when you add in the history of oppression of Native communities, which is still producing negative impacts on the lives of Native Americans, particularly on the lives of women and girls.”