New Regulation Would Expand Overtime to 143,000 Workers

This week the Wolf administration announced the final submission of a regulation to expand overtime eligibility to 143,000 workers across Pennsylvania. Currently, overtime eligibility for salaried workers has been capped by the federal government at $23,660 a year, and many salaried workers do not realize that they can be eligible for overtime.

The new regulation would increase the salary threshold over the course of three years to $45,500, which would impact 143,000 workers. In addition to salary, the duties and assignments a worker performs on the job. Often times, companies and employers classify workers improperly, like assistant managers, to avoid overtime pay.

The Pennsylvania AFL-CIO hosted round tables with union members and the Department of Labor and Industry to discuss the regulation. The final regulation will be sent to the Independent Regulatory Review Commission.

The Obama administration took steps to raise the overtime threshold to $47,892 a year, but that move was stymied by the current White House administration. However, a federal regulation recently approved did increase that threshold to $35,568 annually. You can read more about that difference here.