Unions Advocate for HB 1082/SB 464 at GOSH Conference

This week, the Governor’s Occupational Safety and Health Conference met in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Union activists and the officers of the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO seized the opportunity to educate conference attendees on the need for public sector safety and health protections, House Bill 1082 and Senate Bill 464.

Send a Message to Your Legislator to Support Safe Workplaces For All

At a time when the right to collectively bargain is under attack, safe and healthy working conditions must be guaranteed to all workers.  Consider this, on the same highway using the same equipment, a private contractor and a PennDOT worker are injured on the job.  The private contractor is covered by OSHA, and the PennDOT worker is not. 28 states have passed state laws have passed OSHA style protections for their public workers. The Pennsylvania Union movement is taking action to make sure our Commonwealth is next.

The GOSH conference brings together representatives from Labor, Management, Government and Education sectors to discuss education, innovation, best practices, new products and services with regards to safety issues. President Rick Bloomingdale gave opening remarks at the conference stressing the fundamental right of all workers to a safe workplace. Every worker has the right to return home at the end of the day.